Pastor Carolyn's Corner

July 2018

I think the fact that our nation celebrates our independence on July 4 leads to the summer feeling like a very patriotic time. There is something about celebrating the birth of our nation that goes along with summer activities. Usually, this time of year also brings about some excitement for our nation, a feeling of pride, a deeper sense of patriotism for many. Maybe this feeling comes from listening to cassette tapes of patriotic music while traveling to my family’s campsite as a child. But, I see it elsewhere too!

This year it seems a bit different. There are so many heavy things going on for our nation. There are policies and confusion over what is happening with immigration. There was recently the Nuclear Summit. There are changes in trade policy. Those are to just name a few of the things that have captured our attention. These things feel heavier than things in the recent past have felt.

Depending on where you get your news, the pictures being painted are very different this is true via television, radio, online and in print. Your own political stance impacts how you view the things going on with our government. There are many people who are mad about the way things are going. On the other hand, there are many people who are quite pleased with the way things are happening. I feel as though one of the most difficult things to deal with is the way people speak to each other. There is a lack of respect for others who think differently. With the lack of respect, there is a lack of listening to what others think. To me, that is the biggest struggle. When there is a lack of respect and listening, then what we end up with is not being able to get things done.

What our nation seems to need is a lesson in listening to each other. To listen to each other means doors can be opened to accomplish what needs to be done. Often times here is a general consensus on what needs to take place, but different political leanings guide people to go about reaching the goal in different ways. Without attempting to work together, we will continue to go down a path where we don’t know how to solve our problems. To go down that path will make it more difficult to grow in our feelings of patriotism.

As we celebrate the birth of our nation, may we all pray for this country. Pray that we can open our hearts and minds to listen to one another as a way of moving forward together. Pray that there will be justice and equality for all people. Pray that there will be resolutions to the things that are causing conflict. Pray that we can live in peace in our nation as well as among nations. No matter where you stand politically, I’m sure you see the need for prayers for this country, so let us pray together!



Pastor Carolyn