Pastor Carolyn's Corner

September 2018

Ihis summer, Carla Heyser was accepted into the Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO). This is the  Delaware-Maryland Synod high school leadership program. While attending Road trip in Ocean City our high school youth saw those who were already part of LYO leading the event. This sparked Carla’s interest so she applied and was accepted!

               Once a youth is accepted to LYO they attend an event where they are “sorted” into teams. Those teams are: worship, music, service and outreach, fellowship and hospitality, small group and elementary. Carla auditioned for the music and was “sorted” into that team! Throughout the coming year, she will attend events with those on all the teams of LYO, as well as meeting with the music team for rehearsal and preparation. This team will provide music at different youth events in the synod. She will be working with the music team synod mentors as well as with her congregational mentor and myself. Her congregational mentor is Dave Riethmiller, who Carla has been working with over the last few years in the Coming with the Clouds group!

               As the congregational mentor, Dave will be working with Carla to find ways to implement what she is learning at training sessions here at St. Paul’s. This is an exciting new venture for our congregation and a wonderful opportunity for Carla!

               In August the entire LYO group met for an organizational retreat. At the close of that retreat there was an orientation for adults connected to the youth who are participating. Mike Heyser, Dave Riethmiller and I attended the orientation to find out more about the group and the things that will be happening. Carla will have a busy schedule with trainings and meetings. She will be attending both the middle school and high school synod events. At the end of orientation there was closing worship. Since Carla is on the music team, she was already part of leading worship for the closing worship service!

               It was great to see her already being part of this wonderful group of youth! This is the largest group the synod has ever had, with 73 youth participating on the six teams!

               Please take a moment to congratulate her for being accepted to LYO and to ask her how things are going over the next few years!


Pastor Carolyn