Pastor Carolyn's Corner

July 2019


Do you know how you are spiritually fed? I’ve talked about and written about spiritual disciplines before, but this is something which continues to be on my mind. 

Our LEAD team took a “spiritual type” inventory at one of our Learning Seminars. The point of it was to learn something about our “type” so that we know how we are spiritually fed. This is similar to a personality type indicator. The helpful thing with this is a reminder that just as most things in life are not “one size fits all,” spirituality is the same way, and that’s okay! There are different practices, different ways to study, different ways to connect with God and with others. The beauty of this, is that God speaks to us all, even in the variety that surrounds us!

At Synod Assembly this year our focus was on Bible Study. Those of us in attendance took the same inventory that we had taken at the LEAD seminar, and we were then able to attend short workshops which helped us learn more about our “type.” We talked about how we are spiritually fed, and we were given the opportunity to talk about how we connect with God as individuals and in our congregations. 

In the workshop for my main spiritual “type” we focused on Centering Prayer. We were given the opportunity to practice it there. Of course, we also were told “there’s an app for that,” which there is! But, I have yet to try out the app. In our small group, we were asked to answer the question of whether or not this is something we could practice in our congregations. I realized that we already are here at St. Paul’s! We just didn’t know it! Before worship Pastor Dave and I both invite the congregation into a time of reflection, as I say, “prepare our hearts and minds for worship.” On Thursday nights and at the outdoor Sunday service, it’s a time of silence. On Sunday, it’s the prelude time. 

Someone once asked me what I do during that time. Here’s the answer: I think about the upcoming service, and I pray about it too! At Synod Assembly, I realized what we are all invited in that time, to practice “Centering Prayer!” That’s just one way to have a time of prayer though, there are many, many ways! 

Prayer is a pivotal part of our life as Christians. If you are “stuck” and looking for new ways to pray, let me know! We can explore some options together. In the meantime, when we gather for worship, let us embrace the short time of prayer as a way to center, and open our hearts and minds to hearing what God is saying to us during that worship opportunity! 

Pastor Carolyn