President's Message

January 2019

“With God all things are possible!” Matthew 19:26 KJV

February 23, 2019         Many Hands Needed!

Greetings and best wishes to you all. I hope and pray that these words find you well, and that our Pastors and leaders are working to provide each of you the “church experience” and spiritual leadership you seek and expect from being a member of St. Paul’s. The church staff and our Pastors should be available to each of you. In this age of instant communications, there will always be a challenge that your needs are communicated effectively to those who need to hear them. I encourage each of you to speak to leaders to convey your messages, needs, and concerns in a timely and effective manner. By the time you read this message, many of you will have participated in the forum meetings that Council deemed necessary to get a pulse on the thoughts of the members. There is a structural imbalance in our finances. I hope that the meetings were fruitful and will help the Council decide the best way to move St. Paul’s into the future. These are not easy decisions, because they may impact staffing and the way St. Paul’s conducts business in the near future. If we learn nothing else from this exercise, we must remember that our ministry depends heavily on volunteers. And we need more of you to be involved. As Lent begins, this would be a good time to prayerfully consider your ability to participate in activities and ministries that St. Paul’s has supported and will support. Your church council will support ministries and activities that receive support from all of you. I have written in this space many times that if you volunteer, you will be welcomed. I believe this is true about any activity we do- whether it is internally or externally focused. Our labors should be done out of wanting to help and participate. Each of us is all stretched for time, but I can say that whenever I have spent time at St. Paul’s as part of hands-on work, it has been very rewarding. I encourage each of you to discover working with each other in furthering the ministry of St. Paul’s. Get involved- your hands are needed.