President's Message

December 2018

“With God all things are possible!” Matthew 19:26 KJV

December  2018         A  Time of Celebration

Happy New Year!  As you read this I hope you had a joyous and peaceful Christmas.  I hope you also enjoyed time at St. Paul's celebrating Advent and Christmas.  For me, Christmas traditions remind me  of growing up in a home of Scandinavian Christmas traditions.  The food, the decorations, the baking are things I look forward to.  I enjoy gathering with family to again celebrate the birth of our Lord.  Over the years, new traditions have been added, and it is fun to see the children who are now young adults also looking forward to their "traditional" Christmas. This past year saw a new generation added for my nephew and his wife, so we experienced a "Baby's First Christmas" for the first time in many years! 

     St. Paul's is a home with its own traditions.  Decorations, children's programs, special services,  and even the return of children's sermons during Sunday worship.  Over  time, I am sure these traditions have changed and some have gone away, while others have emerged.  But in the end, the purpose of all the celebration remains the same- to joyously remember the birth of Jesus Christ.  With that in mind, I am sure the traditions of today will look different in the years ahead.  It is inevitable, and we should not lament the changes , but accept them as part of life of our church family. 

     Our church family is changing, just as it has throughout its entire history.  New members are welcomed, others leave, and new generations are added.  Our property continues to change through the generosity and foresight of those who preceded us and those who lead new initiatives now.  The most recent examples being the cemetery expansion, the parsonage improvements and the change to natural gas heat.  The current generosity of you, the members and friends of St. Paul's, cannot be recognized enough.  I have stated it before and do here again say a sincere, heartfelt Thank You for any and all contribution you make to the life of our church. And this is not limited to thanks for your monetary gifts, but for the multitude of hours spent volunteering for the many activities that go on with quiet dedication.  Our church would not function as well as it does without the tireless and selfless dedication of time and talents of so many of you.   

     Now a new year is upon us.  Time to reflect and renew commitments to ourselves, our families, our work.  And where will your commitment to your faith fit in?  I hope it is first on that list.  Renew your commitment to your faith and church, to yourself and your family, and to your work. 

Here is praying for and wishing each of us a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous 2019!