President's Message

March 2018

“With God all things are possible!” Matthew 19:26 KJV

President's  Message—Erik Domaas

June, 2018

Summer!  A time for enjoying family, friends, and more time outdoors.  When this is printed, we will have several Sunday early services in the pavilion under our belt.  The initial attendance has been good- to commune together in the peaceful setting of our pavilion reminds me of summer church camp.  Those are good memories for me from many years ago.  And our youth will have travelled to Houston. Their experiences, with God's will, should be positive reinforcement in their lives for years and years to come.  Thanks to everyone at St. Paul's who contributed to the project of sending this great group of young people to



Summer!  A time when many of us will travel and vacation or unwind.  A chance to connect with family or discover new places.  Like many of you, I need a re-charge of my batteries.  I hope that you make the time to commune and worship at St. Paul's often.  For some, the change to keep two services through the summer is a break from tradition that doesn't make sense.  I am encouraged that our church will have two Sunday services year round and the Thursday service, too.  I am looking forward to seeing many of you through the summer at services and at one of the social activities that we will have- a picnic, a peach festival, and the Corn Roast.

Finally, in everything you do this summer, remember that the good and not so good are all part of God's extraordinary plan for us, his children.  We are part of St. Paul's as part of that plan. We are called to love and support each other as unique members of his church body.  Each of us is called to honor Him. Our lives and the fruits of our labors are supposed to honor God.  Sometimes in the hustle of life, I know I need to be reminded- and vacation is a great time to reflect on the direction that we should honor God first.

God Bless and I hope to see you on Sunday,