Pastor Carolyn's Corner

February 2021


Last February, as our LEAD team was attending our final learning seminar, it was the first time I heard the term, “Coronavirus.” There were conversations about what it would mean, how it would impact our lives, and I did not pay much attention. Little did I know that in less than a month after those conversations, this virus would impact every part of our lives. Now, thinking back on February 2020, I realize that was the last “normal month” we had. I have also come to realize that, moving forward, “new normals” will be in place. We still do not really know what that means, nor do we know when it will happen. There is a sign of hope! That hope is coming through the vaccines. 

I have enjoyed seeing my friends who are posting on social media that they have already received their vaccine, some of them have even had both of their doses! This helps me to live in hope. I know it will take a while, and we are still uncertain of when everyone will have access to this vaccine, but there is progress being made! 

These changes in our lives over the last year, impact how we are about to enter into February 2021 and the season of Lent which is upon us. As we have amended all of our traditions over the past year, we are amending our traditions here too. But the purpose of the season is still there…

Throughout Lent, we have 40 days of “spiritual house cleaning,” we have a time set aside for self-examination and repentance, for spiritual disciplines that assist us in growing closer to our God and re-ordering our lives. I do not know about you, but last year, as life drastically changed in the midst of this season of Lent, I found myself losing something of the season. Due to that, I am looking forward to this year in that it us a way to regroup, to participate in this self-examination, repentance, and discipline in order to re-center and focus on God! 

The journey thus far has been a bit of a rollercoaster, but we have been in it together! And we continue to be in this together! As we prepare to enter into this new church season, take some time to think about what these disciplines and re-centering will look like to you! 

We have ongoing worship and study opportunities happening online here at St. Paul’s and these opportunities are ways to enhance this journey of Lent! Please watch your email and listen to announcements at worship to learn more about how we will observe this season together! 


Pastor Carolyn