Parish Council

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  • President, Julie Smith

  • Vice President, Randy Baldini

  • Secretary, Deborah L. Cowell

  • Mark Slater, Treasurer

  • Financial Secretary, Patrick Thompson

  • Evangelism (Chair Open)

    Committee meets 1st Monday of the month

  • Worship & Music, Betty Kerwin

    (Committee meets every two months, date and time to be announced)

  • Social Outreach, Sue Bell

  • Christian Education, Brittany Kovach

  • Stewardship, Sally Murphy

  • Youth & Family, Amy Emad

  • Property, John Murphy

  • Photo Coming...

    Communications, Joe MacKrell

Ministry Contacts

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  • St. Paul's Care Ministry, Judy Hewitt-Hassel

    Please call the church office  (301) 725-0241 with any concerns and leave a message for Judy