President's Message

May 2024


As we gather in spirit and faith, I am reminded of the power of hope that resides within each of us.  In this time of uncertainty and challenge (just read or watch the evening news) hope should serve as our guiding light, illuminating the path forward and infusing our hearts with courage and faith.  

In this congregation, we have witnessed the remarkable capacity of hope to uplift and inspire.  It is evident in the acts of kindness and compassion we extended to one another and to the greater community.  In the unwavering support we offer during times of need and in the collective determination to create a brighter future for. 

Just look how far we have come over the last few years, from what felt like a low point, where hope was but a glimmer; to a very bright future with a new Pastor and staff.  This theme will be heard again during the congregation meeting on May 19th and will continue to ring true throughout the remainder of this year and beyond!

May hope continue to guide us on our journey, filling our hearts with courage, our minds with clarity, and our souls with peace.


May you all have a blessed day.