St. Paul’ s Directory

Due to lack of registrations in December of 2022 St. Paul's has had to rethink the program. The present plan is to re-start once St. Paul's has a full-time Pastor. However, in the interim if you would like to take part in the program and be pictured in the 2023 Directory the coordinator is accepting photographs for inclusion in the directory. Groups, individuals and families may submit their favorite photo for inclusion in the directory when it is published later this year or you may wait until new photo sessions are announced.

• Sign up at our Signup Genius here:

• Sessions will be on a first come first served basis. If you can’t sit for photo, you may submit a favorite photo. We will be collecting your information to be entered in the directory and asking for you to verify.    Dates will be announced in the future once St. Paul has a full-time Pastor.

• Coordinator: Kerry Griffin 301.518.8460,

Watch for more information in the newsletter, website and mass email blast. Everyone in the St. Paul’s family is encouraged and welcome to participate.