Associate Pastor

Pastor Dave has office hours on Wednesday mornings, and is available Fridays by appointment.  He preaches and presides one Sunday each month.

           Our first year, 2020, turned out to be quite challenging. Global and national challenges abounded as a world-wide pandemic raged. Yet, our ministry within our Delaware-Maryland Synod continued. “




Pastor Dave


May 2021

You may know that in addition to my duties here at St. Paul’s, I serve our broader synod in an executive level position as the Assistant to the Bishop for Donor Relations and Development. As a lead member of Bishop Gohl’s staff, it is my responsibility to raise the needed additional funds for our synod to continue to grow the ministries of our churches. 

I am unsure if I have ever properly presented to our congregation this new position in which I serve alongside Bishop Gohl, so I thought I would take this month to explain a little bit more about how the inaugural year went as we launched our new Annual Synod Ministry Fund.

Our first year, 2020, turned out to be quite challenging. Global and national challenges abounded as a world-wide pandemic raged. Yet, our ministry within our Delaware-Maryland Synod continued. 

In some places, ministry flourished with new, creative, and adaptive ministries blossoming. Technology became a new tool for reaching others and our own congregations anew in the name of Christ. In other areas, ministry experienced great challenges. Through it all our Bishop, in his great leadership, and other synodical support staff “walked alongside” our churches. In support, in prayer, and in perseverance we all “ran the race together” as the apostle Paul would say, and we continue to do so today. 

Through gracious financial support we also birthed “something new.” Our Annual Synod Ministry Fund was born in 2020. We met our goal of raising $200,000 and laid the foundation of this fund for the future. In addition, when our churches needed our help the most, we raised an additional $350,000 in gifts and pledges toward our Delaware-Maryland Synod COVID-19 Relief Fund. An effort that was made possible by the “strong roots” that members of our churches laid together. 

In total during our fiscal year in 2020, we raised over $550,000 in gifts and pledges. An additional lead gift of $100,000 was also received. That is over $650,000 in gifts and pledges that were given in faith toward the glory of God and the ministry of Christ in our synod. 

Praise Be! 

This year, as we continue to grow this effort and we have set a goal of raising $300,000 towards the future of our ministry together in our synod. 

This “new thing” could not have been possible without the gracious gifts of those individuals and churches who contributed. Gifts to our Annual Synod Ministry Fund truly make a difference in the lives of others. Gifts that assist in taking our church into the next generation and beyond. Gifts to our Annual Synod Ministry Fund ensure our Lutheran tradition will continue to be preached and shared. Gifts that are put to work now. These collective gifts help birth new faith communities and churches, revitalize our existing churches, and strengthen our youth and family ministries in Delaware and Maryland. 

If you would like to learn or hear more, please feel free to talk to me about this new initiative!




Pastor Dave

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View from the parsonage January 31, 2021

Our building, taken by Pastor Carolyn during the 60 hours snow that started January 31st.

Rainbow over St. Paul's Parking Lot

Taken by Pastor Carolyn during one of our recent downpours from the parsonage.

Altar Symbolism

Pastor Dave preached this past Pentecost Sunday, May 31st. I hope that you caught his opening remarks on Zoom as he explained the symbolism being employed on the altar in the chapel. Pastor Dave feels that Pentecost is one of the most important days of the church year. The beginning of evangelism in the church.

The altar he explained was arranged to symbolize tongues of fire (the red candles) descending from the holy spirit (white candles and drape on cross).

This is meant to celebrate the presence of God at work in our lives wherever we find ourselves in this uncertain time.

A reminder God is always with us in our daily lives. God came that day in three forms: wind, fire and language (communication).


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