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Pastor Dave has office hours on Wednesday mornings, and is available Fridays by appointment.  He preaches and presides one Sunday each month.

"How passionate

are we towards furthering

the ministry

of Jesus Christ

in our world?

How much are we

willing to give??”



Pastor Dave


February 2020


Happy New Year! I wish you blessings as we start anew during 2020. Not only the Greetings!

For 2020 I am going to try something new. When I write to you each

month, I am going to choose to write on one of the Spiritual Discipline areas

in which I serve. So, each month, I will be choosing to write on Evangelism,

Stewardship or Christian Education as they relate to the life of our church.

For this month I begin with some thoughts around Stewardship. As

we begin 2020, I ask you, what does “Stewardship” mean to you? At a recent

seminar that I attended it was stated that the word itself has lost some of its

value. It is a word that many in the younger generation do not really understand

when the church says, “we need to work on our stewardship!” It’s a word that

leaves many scratching their heads. Sure, in our modern times many understand

“giving a gift” or “making a donation” to a particular cause, organization or person

that they are passionate about. But, “Stewardship” doesn’t often make its way

into the vocabulary of many that are not raised within the church. And then, even

those who have been raised in the church are often confused with what the term

means. Some think it means to make a “tithe.” An amount of money that is designated

to go to the ministry of our God. This often is equated with 10-15% of one’s

income. For example, a person that is making $100,000/year would give $10,000

-$15,000 a year to the ministry of God. Some of which is given to the local church

where one attends, and also distributed to special needs or ministry causes.

In the end, the amount given is not what matters, but rather it is the effort

and the passion behind the gift. I ask us all as we begin 2020, how passionate

are we towards furthering the ministry of Jesus Christ in our world?

How much are we willing to give?

As we mark the 150th year of ministry of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Fulton,

you will soon be hearing of creative ways that you can financially contribute

to the current and future ministry of our church. I welcome further conversations

with you, and I look forward to serving together!

God Bless You, and Many Blessings,


Pastor Dave

Designed by our own Dave Riethmiller