Tales from the Archive

Tales from the Archives is a presentation from the Archives at St. Paul's

Contributions of items of significance to the Church History or contributions of stories are welcome and encouraged. Please submit by the 20th of the moth for publication the first Sunday of the following month. It is the goal of the Archive to preserve the church history and make selected portions of it known to the congregation from time to time.

March 20, 2019

April Happenings in the Archive

"A Trip Down Memory Lane"

The Clergy of St. Paul’s

In an effort to get the Archive more organized and during a search for Gerald Orndorff’s  records I came upon a ledger with a listing of the Clergy of St. Paul’s along with some interesting facts. My parents also received an update this past Christmas from the Menters which I thought would go well with the article and would be of interest to the congregation as Rev. Ted  married my parents, June and Hardy Pickett and some other long time St. Paul’s couples. 

Clergy Roll (see note 1) 

#1 Verhoff 1870-1870


#2 John H. Mengert 1870-Sept., 1872


#3 Ernst C. IDE Sept. 1872-1873 (Liturgist Only) 1873-1876 (First Pastorate) 


#4 Martin Kraft July, 1876-Dec. 1877


#5 G. H. Brandon 1878

Ernst C. IDE Sept.  1879-1897 Second Pastorate


#6 Richard A. Salzwedal Oct. 1897-June 1901


#7 H. A. Wagner 1901-1904


#8 C.F.W. Hartlage 1905-1907


#9 H. F. Richards 1907-1911


#10 L. P. Propst called June  

15, 1911, installed Sept. 1, 1911-Nov. 10, 1942


#11 Aaron A. Anderson from Bergton, West Virginia Feb. 7, 1943-Sept. 26,1948


#12 Robert F. Hein North Towanda New York Feb. 27, 1949-Oct. 1, 1953


#13 Theodore L. Menter Columbus, Ohio June 27, 1954-Dec. 31, 1960 installed by Pastors Albert Horn and V. R. Hefner


#14 Alvin F. Burns Niagara Falls, New York August 13, 1961-March 24, 1965 Installed by John Houck American Missions Director, Eastern District, NC


#15 Ronald F. Christian St. Paul, MN July 6, 1965-August 31, 1968


#16 Gerald E. Scheck Sanhorn, NY April 13, 1969-Jan 23, 1977 Installed by William Deutschmans, Regional Director IF American Missions, East District ALC


#17 Johannes M. Skarsten called July26, 1977 Philadelphia, PA Oct.1, 1977 began Oct. 9, 1977 installed Oct. 9, 1977-Jan. 31, 1989 installed by Eastern District General Region Dean, Evan  Dertell


#18 Rodney L. Ronneberg called June 4, 1989 Northwest Iowa Synod, July 1, 1989  began July 1, 1989 installed September 10, 1989-July 31, 2014 Installed by Dean of Conference ELCA, Barry Laird

#19 Robert Lutz, called May 19, 1991 Delaware Synod, installed Sept. 24, 1991 Installed by Dean of Conference  ELCA Barry Laird


#20 Chad Kline May 1998 Gettysburg, Seminary August 1999-June 2003 Installed by Dean of Conference ELCA Glenn Ludwig  Associate  


#21 Kathy Ammlung  June 2003-Sep., 2012 Associate


#22 Carolyn Shank (Simonds) Jan., 2012 –Aug. 2014 Youth, Interim Aug. 2014-January 2015 began Feb., 2015 to Present Pastor


#23 Gerry Rickel June 2015-July 2018 Associate


#24 Dave Shank - July 2018 to present Associate


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Continuing with our Lenten Journey

April 3rd-Lenten Devotion (Psalm 32:6) Therefore all the faithful will make their prayers to you in the time of trouble; when the great waters overflow they shall not reach them.”


All this will lead us into the season of Easter in April. St. Paul’s Social Media Team will again be holding a “Count Down” to Easter journeying through Lent.  We will be doing a number of posts in various media focusing on the scriptures that St. Paul’s we be looking at during Lent. Be sure and follow along on the following links: 


Website: stpaulslutheran.info

Member Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/438901092851824/ 

Public Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StPaulsFulton

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stpaulsfulton/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stpaulsfulton (@stpaulsfulton) 


Special Thanks to Carole Manges for spearheading the "Clergy Plaque" and Donna Beall for her help in researching the names. 

Special note: St. Paul’s 150th Anniversary. 

As was done for the 140th Anniversary I would like to interview and collect the thoughts of some of our long time members and perhaps include some thoughts from our youngest members. 

If you would like to contribute to the project or have any thoughts on direction or content, please let me know and get in touch with me? 

Note 1: List based on research from: photo directories, 100th Celebration,  Archive ledger entries and discussions in the Worship and Music Committee Meetings. 


Respectfully submitted,

Kerry Griffin



Preliminary Clergy Plaque

To be hung in our history hall.

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St. Paul's Original Building

August 6, 1871 - The "new" (today know as the wooden ) church was dedicated by Pastor Mengert and Dr. Wiliian Ebeling of Catonsville. From this date forward the congregation became known as, 

"St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church."

The "wooden" church was moved (I believe it is still in use a Real Estate Office) to Savage, MD from our present location on Rt. 216 and the stone church we have today was constructed during 1932 and dedicated on January 1, 1933.

Featured Items

The Banners of St. Paul's

A Brief History and Inventory of the Banners at St. Paul's Lutheran Church

The purpose of this photo Gallery is to document the variety of banners that enhance our worship here at St. Paul's through countless hours, talent and treasure of all those who have contributed to make them possible.

The banners contained here in take us through the Church year: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Pentecost and the sacraments of marriage and baptism as well as the rite of confirmation.

Although Church banners are not new to the St. Paul's they do more than just decorate, many are based upon passage's from the Bible and God's creation and remind us of His word and the beauty of creation as well as marking important milestone in St. Paul's congregation's life.

Most of St. Paul's banners are hand sewn and one their creators, Sandy August is particularly fond of adding a ribbon. Make note of the special fabric used in some of them, such as the Advent banners. The photos may not do them justice but they have an unusual impression in them similar to a watermark on paper.

Please browse by clicking the forward arrow ">" or the backward "<" arrow on the image below.  There are at present about 60 in the collection.

The Stained Glass of St. Paul's

I happened upon a 2009 Booklet about the Stained Glass of St. Paul's and the meaning of each of the various windows at St. Paul's written I believe by Prue Ronneberg and I was inspired to re-do the booklet in a larger format and update it to present 2017. Below is the resulting story.

St. Paul's Today

Come and check out our various vibrant ministries and fun and engaging groups including: Monthly Youth Activities, Monthly Men's Group, Monthly Women's Group, Monthly Seniors Lunch Group, Handbell Ringers, Traditional Adult Choir, Contemporary Youth Band, Weekly Adult and Children's Sunday School and many more ministries...