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August 19, 2018

Herman and Katie Wessel

Herman and Katie Wessel

September’s story comes to us from Patrick Thompson and I thought it would be good to share some additional Wessel history.

Herman Wessel was born in Germany and came to America in 1876.  Three of his brothers came to America with his brothers August and George also settling in Fulton and being members of St. Paul’s.  Herman married Catherine (Katie) Hines, the daughter of Jacob and Catherine Hines founding members of St. Paul’s, in 1880 in the parsonage of St. Paul’s by Rev. Ide.  Katie was the only one of 6 brothers and sister to maintain membership at St. Paul’s her entire life.  Herman and Katie purchased farmland that today is much of the Maple Lawn community.  Herman would eventually divide his farm giving half to each of his sons.  The half on what is today John’s Hopkins Road, with part being the residential part of Maple Lawn and the rest currently being where APL is, was given to his younger son Edward and the half being where much of the commercial district of Maple Lawn going to his son Arthur.  Herman died in 1926 after he was kicked by a horse and several days later had a heart attack.  Katie lived with her son Edward and his wife Margaret until she had a stroke in the early 1930s.  At that time she went to live with her daughter Elizabeth until she died in 1944.  Both are buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery.  Herman and Katie had 5 children.  

 1)Arthur William Wessel (1881-1951) married Mary Bassler (1890-1941).  Their children were Frank, John, Stanley, Albert Vernon, Irving, Raymond and Dorothy (married name Vollmerhausen).   All are buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery

2)Annie Wessel (1883-1929) married Walter Sealing (1888-1937).  Their children were Spencer, Lester, Catherine, Mildred (married name Wallich), Donald and Allen

3)Edward August Wessel (1885-1953) married Margaret H. Zeltman (1885-1943).  Their children were Melvin, Howard, Roland and Edna (married name Thompson).  All are buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery.

4)Charles R. Wessel.  He was born in 1888 and died in December 1888.  He is buried beside his parents in St. Paul’s Cemetery

5)Elizabeth Wessel (1890-1974) married Vincent Vernon Wehland (1885-1959).  Their children were Mabel (married name Brown) and Lawrence.  All are buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery.

All of Herman and Katie’s children and grandchildren were raised attending St. Paul’s.  Many of them stayed active as adults and raised their own families here as well.  Their granddaughter Mabel Wehland Brown was a faithful regular for church events and was the oldest member of the congregation when she passed away.  Many of their grandchildren served on committees to help benefit St. Paul’s.   In the 1950’s and 60’s Edna served as the superintendent of Sunday Schools.  Each Christmas Edna made a baggie full of little chocolate bars and an orange for every child that came to Sunday School.  Edna also served as chairmen of the annual turkey dinners.  It was not uncommon for the church to serve over 1000 dinners at each of these meals.   When Edna married she also got her husband Willis involved in the congregation.  He served on the committee to build the parish hall and also served on the church council as financial secretary.  


Today there are still many family members attending with Herman and Katie’s great granddaughter Linda Skinner (daughter of Mabel Wehland and Leo Brown) and great grandson Terry Thompson (son of Edna Wessel and Willis Thompson) and his wife Patty and great, great grandson Patrick Thompson (son of Terry and Patty Thompson) regularly attending the Thursday night service.  When Edna and Willis’ great grandson was baptized at St. Paul’s they became the 6th generation to be baptized in our church

Respectfully Submitted,

Kerry Griffin


St. Paul's Original Building

August 6, 1871 - The "new" (today know as the wooden ) church was dedicated by Pastor Mengert and Dr. Wiliian Ebeling of Catonsville. From this date forward the congregation became known as, 

"St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church."

The "wooden" church was moved (I believe it is still in use a Real Estate Office) to Savage, MD from our present location on Rt. 216 and the stone church we have today was constructed during 1932 and dedicated on January 1, 1933.

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The Banners of St. Paul's

A Brief History and Inventory of the Banners at St. Paul's Lutheran Church

The purpose of this photo Gallery is to document the variety of banners that enhance our worship here at St. Paul's through countless hours, talent and treasure of all those who have contributed to make them possible.

The banners contained here in take us through the Church year: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Pentecost and the sacraments of marriage and baptism as well as the rite of confirmation.

Although Church banners are not new to the St. Paul's they do more than just decorate, many are based upon passage's from the Bible and God's creation and remind us of His word and the beauty of creation as well as marking important milestone in St. Paul's congregation's life.

Most of St. Paul's banners are hand sewn and one their creators, Sandy August is particularly fond of adding a ribbon. Make note of the special fabric used in some of them, such as the Advent banners. The photos may not do them justice but they have an unusual impression in them similar to a watermark on paper.

Please browse by clicking the forward arrow ">" or the backward "<" arrow on the image below.  There are at present about 60 in the collection.

The Stained Glass of St. Paul's

I happened upon a 2009 Booklet about the Stained Glass of St. Paul's and the meaning of each of the various windows at St. Paul's written I believe by Prue Ronneberg and I was inspired to re-do the booklet in a larger format and update it to present 2017. Below is the resulting story.

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