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September 23, 2018

Albert W. Brady - Fulton, MD

Albert Brady - Fulton, MD

October’s story comes to us from Charles Iager. Charles recently came across some information on Albert Brady and as those who have been following “Tales from the Archives” know, I have mentioned Brady’s wonderful store and what a vital part of the Fulton Community it was and a part of St. Paul’s history too as many of our youth visited the store as part of Youth Activities. It was quite the treat to go to Brady’s to pick out something for Confirmation. 

Albert Brady was one of Fulton’s oldest and most prominent residents. He served as Fulton’s Post Master General until the age of 70 as well as running a general store. He had taken over the store as a young man upon his Father’s death. (Ernest Brady) and lived in Fulton for over 90 years.  

He was a member of the advisory board of the Citizen’s National Bank, Clarksville Office. He sold the store in 1961 to what was then the Fulton Antique Shop. 

On April 27, 1969 Albert Brady died on a Sunday afternoon as flames destroyed the Brady’s home and most of the furnishings as a result of a kerosene stove used for cooking in the kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. Brady attempted to put out the flames, but Mr. Brady was trapped in the kitchen. His 82 year old wife, Nettie survived having gone next door for help to her daughter’s house. (Mrs. Claire Madison) 

Fireman from Clarksville, Burtonsville and Savage responded to the alarm. The blaze took more than two hours to get under control. 

Albert was then survived by his wife Nettie, daughter Claire Madison (saleslady for Block’s department store in Laurel, MD.), grandson Charles A. Madison and two great-grandchildren, a brother Norman C. Brady of Baltimore, two sisters, Irene Kemp of Towson and Lottie Iager of Germantown and Laurel. 

Funeral Services were held May 1, 1969 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church where Albert was buried. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Kerry Griffin


Brady Feed Store then...

Ernest Brady seen here at his Feed store which also served as Fulton's Post Office.

Ernest Brady


Brady's Store under son Albert

Brady's Store- General Merchandise, Feed, Fuel and Post Office

Inside Brady's Store....

It was such a treat to pick out something for Confirmation or after Youth Activities...

Imagine what treasures you would find if you could go back in time and see for yourself.

Brady's Store Today (April 2018)

As some of you may recognize, the "Pottery Place" near Shell and Ledo's Pizza.

Nettie Brady and Albert Brady

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brady. Married 58 years.

Next door to Brady's Store

Claire Madison, Daughter of Albert Brady, lived next door to parents on what is now Ledo's Pizza

St. Paul's Original Building

August 6, 1871 - The "new" (today know as the wooden ) church was dedicated by Pastor Mengert and Dr. Wiliian Ebeling of Catonsville. From this date forward the congregation became known as, 

"St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church."

The "wooden" church was moved (I believe it is still in use a Real Estate Office) to Savage, MD from our present location on Rt. 216 and the stone church we have today was constructed during 1932 and dedicated on January 1, 1933.

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The Banners of St. Paul's

A Brief History and Inventory of the Banners at St. Paul's Lutheran Church

The purpose of this photo Gallery is to document the variety of banners that enhance our worship here at St. Paul's through countless hours, talent and treasure of all those who have contributed to make them possible.

The banners contained here in take us through the Church year: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Pentecost and the sacraments of marriage and baptism as well as the rite of confirmation.

Although Church banners are not new to the St. Paul's they do more than just decorate, many are based upon passage's from the Bible and God's creation and remind us of His word and the beauty of creation as well as marking important milestone in St. Paul's congregation's life.

Most of St. Paul's banners are hand sewn and one their creators, Sandy August is particularly fond of adding a ribbon. Make note of the special fabric used in some of them, such as the Advent banners. The photos may not do them justice but they have an unusual impression in them similar to a watermark on paper.

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The Stained Glass of St. Paul's

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